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Innovative solutions to support the growth of your business customers.

Tailoring our solutions to your Financial Institution's unique culture and future growth strategies.

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The financial landscape has never been so competitive, with Block (formerly known as Square) and fintech start-ups offering banking services and competing for your customers1. As a result, many Financial Institutions are seeking new ways to attract and retain customers.

By partnering with Elavon, an experienced and trusted payments partner, your Financial Institution strengthens its place in the marketplace by building your brand loyalty, increasing value to business clients, and growing non-interest income without any expense.

Whether you are interested in a referral, agent or DIY/DIT experience, the Elavon Merchant Services partnership program can be tailored to your Financial Institution’s unique culture and future growth strategies with a keen focus on supporting your clients in the same manner they are receiving support from you today—as their trusted Financial Institution.

More than a processor, Elavon provides a full suite of innovative and secure payment solutions to support businesses of any size and in every industry. Our partners can trust us to deliver customized solutions and take care of their business clients' payment services from beginning to end. 

Take this opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors while gaining a new, recurring non-interest income revenue. Contact our experienced partnership development team today and start helping your Financial Institution and business clients win more business

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Partner testimonial 

We have a real partnership with Elavon. From Elavon’s Senior Management, to our General Manager, our local Sales Director and dedicated Sales Team, Elavon brings tremendous value to our customer’s banking relationships. It has become second nature for our employees to refer our customers to Elavon. We have confidence and pride that they will always provide products and services that our customers have come to expect from our Bank and our partners.

A win-win partnership 

Additional revenue stream 

  • Generous profit share
  • Recurring revenue from active, signed accounts
  • Non-interest income without the risk

Premier Support 

  • Dedicated channel that works exclusively with Financial Institutions
  • Experienced Partner Manager
  • Tailored partner programs
  • Dedicated Financial Institution hotline

Customer Loyalty ;

  • Deeper relationships with your business customers
  • Streamline customer experience with a tailored merchant program that matches the culture of your Financial Institution
  • Enhanced reputation as trusted financial experts

Innovative Payments Solutions 

  • Global payment platform
  • Payment optimization
  • Faster funding options
  • Security solutions
  • Contactless payments
  • International currency conversion
  • Integrated POS and mobile solutions

Maximum Engagement 

  • Sales incentive and lead generation programs
  • Co-branded marketing tools
  • Ongoing staff training
  • Collaborative culture to align with your company strategy


  • Global presence with offices in 11 countries
  • Partnerships with more than 450 financial institutions worldwide
  • Nearly $450 billion in processed transactions yearly

Section Headline

Highlighting payment trends affecting government agencies and municipalities, our inaugural report presents data on the shifting payments landscape representing an opportunity for government agencies and municipalities to enhance the speed, security and customer satisfaction related to billing and payments.

The report highlights consumer preference for digital payment options and, due to COVID-19, this demand will continue to grow.


Below find useful information about financial technology trends, our innovative payment solutions, and partnership program details.

Innovative Payment Solutions
Overview of Elavon's partner program.

Payments Planning Guide
Industry trends for 2022 and beyond

Accelerating Small Business Cash Flow
Download our whitepaper to understand How fintech companies help community banks stay competitive.

Uniting Digital and Human Partner Experiences Whitepaper
Download our whitepaper to understand the changes occurring with do-it-yourself and do-it-together programs and the changing digital technology.

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About Elavon

Elavon is a leader in payment processing. We have provided payment processing services to Costco Members for over 20 years. Our transparent Costco Member pricing and hands-on customer service help ensure that you can focus on your customers—instead of your processing.

About the author

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Ryan Maloney
SVP of Sales - Elavon

Ryan Maloney is a comedian, actor, writer and producer based in New York City, originally from Manchester, Connecticut. After starting his career performing in clubs throughout the Boston area, Ryan focused his efforts on making a name for himself in New York.

Our team 

Megan Miller
Vice President, FI Partner Development

Megan is responsible for the expansion of Elavon’s Financial Institution partner base. Having started her career in banking she has a passion for helping bankers leverage a partnership with Elavon to achieve their overall growth strategies. Megan is a Nashville native and has worked within the banking and acquiring industry since 2009.

author image3

Tony Abbas 
Director, New FI Partner Development 

Tony has a 14-year banking career that includes working within both the community bank and large regional bank environments. That experience offers a deep understanding of the unique needs of each potential financial institution partner and enables him to help financial institutions compete in the payment space. Based out of Maryland, Tony supports new partner relationships throughout North America.

author image4

Lorie Warden
Director, New FI Partner Development

Having joined the company in 2002, Lorie has held various roles at Elavon that have equipped her with a deep understanding of the merchant services industry and how to help Financial Institutions grow their non-interest income. Based out of Tennessee, Lorie drives new Regional and Community Bank and Credit Union partner growth throughout North America.

author image5

Stacy Simerale
Director, New FI Partner Development 

Having joined the company in 2001, Stacy offers comprehensive knowledge regarding the banking and merchant services industry. Stacy is keenly focused on helping Regional and Community Banks achieve their growth and revenue-generating strategies by partnering with Elavon. Based out of Ohio, Stacy develops new partner relationships throughout North America.

author image6

Laura McGowan
Director, New FI Partner Development 

Laura began her career at Elavon in 2012. Roles throughout the Financial and Partner Channels have provided her with a unique insight and understanding of our community bank and credit union partners. She takes pride in her consultative approach that enables her to develop a custom partnership approach for our financial partners. Laura is based out of East Tennessee and will focus on growth across North America.

Let's discuss how we can partner with you and drive long term growth.

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1 "Square adds more tools for small businesses in banking push", CNET website, Angelique Chatman, July 20th, 2021.