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2023 Healthcare Payments Insight Report

Gain Valuable Insights into Consumer Payment Experience and Expectations

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Report Hightlights

Rise of Digital Payments


of patients desire contactless and online methods, yet providers are slow to adopt them

Provider Portals


of patients have portals, but most don't use them for payments or cost information

Ease of Healthcare Payments


of respondents claim their healthcare payment portal is easy to utilize


Gain insights from our 2023 Healthcare Payments Report

With 41% of adults facing healthcare debt, it is crucial for healthcare providers to understand the evolving landscape of consumer payment experiences and expectations. This report, based on a survey conducted by Elavon, delves into the preferences and behaviors of 1,268 patients who have paid for healthcare services from various providers.

Discover the latest trends and consumer preferences in healthcare payments with our 2023 Healthcare Payments Insight Report. This comprehensive report examines the impact of the pandemic on the U.S. economy and how Americans manage their finances.

Learn about:

  • The challenges and opportunities in improving the consumer payment experience in healthcare
  • The increasing demand for digital payment methods and the need for healthcare providers to adapt to this shift
  • Common frustrations in the healthcare billing correction process and potential solutions

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Download the full report to delve deeper into these insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare payments landscape in the post-pandemic world. Take action now to stay ahead of evolving consumer expectations and optimize your payment processes in the healthcare industry.

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About Elavon

For more than 30 years, Elavon has provided payment processing solutions to healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Our payment solutions are designed to be secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations, providing the protection of patients’ sensitive financial information and protected healthcare data, when applicable.

In addition to payment processing, Elavon also offers other services to healthcare providers, including payment gateway, and virtual terminal solutions, automated payment reminders, and online payment portals. These solutions can help healthcare providers streamline their payment processes, reduce administrative overhead, and improve patient satisfaction by offering convenient and secure payment options.

Partnering with Elavon gives providers access to secure payment solutions that allow them to focus on providing the best patient experience possible.

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